The Future of Education? Final Reflections

Summary of Learning:

This video was created as a means of showcasing my final reflections on our ECI 831 class.  As captured in my series of TOP 10 COUNTDOWN posts, some highlights of our course included discussions around social media, open education, remixing, creative commons, creativity, incorporation of web 2.0 tools into classrooms to enhance student learning, personal learning environments, trust, 21st century literacies, etc.  

During our first class, Dr. Alec Couros mentioned he hoped this class would push our boundaries as educators in relation to social media and open education.  I must say, by limits HAVE been tested.  I can honestly say I am exiting the class with a much broader perspective on teaching and learning in a networked world than I began with.  The exceptional modeling and hands-on practice in relation to various social networking tools and their application to education has been eye-opening and extremely rewarding.  Hope you enjoy the video I produced in attempt to capture some of my course learnings.

Video Creation Process:   

The following is a short summary of the video creation process.  Throughout this class, I have benefited from the transparency of my classmates in explaining their process of learning.  As a result, I am hoping this summary is useful to someone…  

In relation to the creation of this video, I was inspired by The Lost Generation video and attempted a remix.  I created my own text  based on my Top 10 Reflections and incorporated Creative Commons music and pictures in the production. 

Being that I don’t own any video editing software, I was unsure as to where to start with this assignment.  After some experimentation, I decided to use Movie Maker Live.  It’s features were somewhat limited and it took me a significant amount of time to figure out how to add music and narration.  I ended up creating two audio tracks in Audacity then exporting it as one .wav file to import into Movie Maker Live.  There is likely an easier way, but this is what I did after a series of trial and error.  I felt Movie Maker Live would be a simple tool to use in terms of uploading to YouTube for publishing purposes which is why I stuck with it. 

In creating the scrolling text in the video, I intially thought it would be very simple to ‘reverse’ scroll the document.  After spending much time on Google, the solutions I found seemed too daunting.  For instance, a tips and tricks website directed me to download a virtual dubbing software and then proceed with reversing the clip.  Another YouTube video instructed me on how to take a series of screenshots to give the illusion of the reverse.   In addition, I attempted to ask experts via my personal network but was unable to obtain any concrete solutions.  As a result, I made the decision to reverse the text manually rather than scroll the information backwards.  The effect is not quite the same as in the original Lost Generation video, but it has similar impact.  It also puts my own creative twist on the production. 

I was fortunate to receive some feedback from others during the process of creating various drafts of this video.  I have already adjusted it several times based on input from peers.  As always, if I were to do it again, I would change it!  The version I included above is the most recent creation posted on November 27th, 2010. 

Thank You

Thanks all for an amazing ECI831 course.  Keep blogging and twittering…so we can stay in touch!  I looked forward to the continued connections and future learnings ahead.        


~ by lewisv on November 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Future of Education? Final Reflections”

  1. Brilliant! It’s weird. I saw my first one of “these” this morning. Now yours. I’m so amazed… Like a palindrome.

    Here’s the one I found on a friend’s facebook page this morning:

  2. Different video clip! great, I like your quotes and narration in this video. They are all toughtful and inspiring indeed. That’s of course very enjoyable when after a period of learning and adventuring (@Lisa M Lane) you showcase your learning outcomes in different forms.

  3. Great video and great reflections.

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