TOP 10 – #8: Time for Change

TOP 10 COUNTDOWN – Summary of ECI831 Learnings

It is with this post, I continue my TOP 10 Countdown as a summary of learnings in our ECI831 class.  This Top 10 inspired the creation of my “Future of education?” video for our final reflection project.  And the countdown continues…

AT #8:  Time for Change



Traditional forms of education served their purpose in the past, but now is the time for change.  Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach spoke to us about the importance of change in relation to education and technology.  In one of her articles she speaks to this need by stating,

“The speedy evolution of technology over the past 30 years has often outpaced our ability to use it to transform teaching and learning in real and meaningful ways.  Much of that time we just tried to keep up, with new technologies often simply bolted onto traditional curriculum practices.  However, today, with three decades of digital experience under our belt, the time is ripe to begin instituting true change.”  (Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, No Limits, 2008)   

Nussbaum-Beach also speaks profoundly about the fear of change…

“I used to say, “Change takes time.” I don’t say that anymore. Look around you. Change is happening at exponential rates. The challenge for educators is to adapt to the rapid pace of change—indeed, to become leaders of change—before we as an institution find ourselves irrelevant in the lives of the students we seek to help….We have to awaken ourselves collaboratively, and the Web is just the tool we need to do it.”  (Sheryl Nussbaum Beach, Creating Learning Organizations, 2009)

Reading Sheryl’s blog posts has been an incredible learning experience for me.  The quality of thought she contributes to her posts on the 21st Century Collaborative Blog challenges my thinking.  I look forward to continuing to follow her even after this course comes to a close.  Time and change have always been two common challenges in the area of education.  That being said, if we take a positive outlook towards both and consider how technology might be used to overcome these challenges, we may be on to something.  The everchanging future awaits, and time is ticking…


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