TOP 10 – #5: Need for Open and Networked Learning

TOP 10 COUNTDOWN – Summary of ECI831 Learnings

It is with this post, I continue my TOP 10 Countdown as a summary of learnings in our ECI831 class.  This Top 10 inspired the creation of my “Future of education?” video for our final reflection project.  And the countdown continues…

AT#5:  Need for Open and Networked Learning

In a conversation led by Dr. Alec Couros, we discussed the concepts of open and networked learning.  The presentation was created with Slideshare.  The demonstration of this tool, in and of itself, was a terrific experience. 

A memoroable quote during the evening of discussion was, “Understanding how networks work is one of the most important literacies of the 21st century.”  (Rheingold, 2010)  This quote relates back to my Top 7 reflection around the expanded notion of the concept of “literacy”.  With the availabilityof the internet and web 2.0 tools, the idea of a network and literacies can take on take on whole new meanings.  During the presentation, we discussed the concepts of openness, connectedness, and the need for personal learning environments in support of the process of learning.  Open and Networked Learning, as shared by Dr. Couros, makes possible:

1.  Connecting with experts
2.  Publishing in the Open
3.  Proper use of Public Content
4.  Development of Portfoios
5.  Social Reading
6.  Global Mentoring
7.  Immediate Feedback (Now and Nearly Now)
8.  PD Opportunities – Anytime, Anywhere

In investigating this topic further, I found a post called “New Age of Pervasive Connectivity” by Jimmy Wales to be relevant.  Read the post and see what you think…


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