TOP 10 – #4: As Educators, It Is Our Obligation to Share

TOP 10 COUNTDOWN – Summary of ECI831 Learnings

It is with this post, I continue my TOP 10 Countdown as a summary of learnings in our ECI831 class.  This Top 10 inspired the creation of my “Future of education?” video for our final reflection project.  And the countdown continues…

AT #4:  As Educators, It Is Our Obligation to Share



Dean Shareski spoke to our eci831 class about the concept of sharing as a moral imperative.  This notion challenged my thinking and spurred me to think about my own views around sharing, especially sharing online.  As an educator, I see the value in sharing as it would be far to difficult to be continually reinventing the wheel.  It is also very worthwhile to focus on our strengths and share what we are good at and ask for help in areas that we are not so comfortable with.  In my role as a Career Development Consultant, I am continually ‘giving and taking’ in terms of ideas and materials.  That being said, I do not yet have much of an online presence.  This class has meet contemplating the creation of an online resource for Career Development Teachers, but it is yet to materialize.  I am still trying to find my way in this new world. 

Also, this talk by Dean Sharesky spurred me to begin investigating ideas about being safe online, the importance of creating a digital footprint that one is proud of, and the concept of digital citizenship.  Although I have discovered much, this is an area I an commited to investigating further as it is a topic I am interested in both personally and professionally – in my roles as educator and parent.  I plan to revisit the Digital Tatoo website, posts on these topics by my classmates such as Jen’s post titled Shaping Identity Online, and additional sources as time progresses.


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