TOP 10 – #2: Considering the Role(s) of the Educator

TOP 10 COUNTDOWN – Summary of ECI831 Learnings

 It is with this post, I continue my TOP 10 Countdown as a summary of learnings in our ECI831 class.  This Top 10 inspired the creation of my “Future of education?” video for our final reflection project.  And the countdown continues… 

At #2:  Considering the Role(s) of the Educator 

Steven Downes joined us for an evening of discussion around the roles of educators.  The discussion lended itself to the role(s) of educators in general, but also, in particular to their role in Personal Learning Environments and the future of online learning.  This was an extremely interactive presentation in which Steven Downes presented us with potential roles of educators such as the educator as the learner, collector, curator, programmer, salesperson, tech support, moderator, critic, lecturer, demonstrator, mentor, connector, theorizer, sharer, evaluator, bureaucrat, etc.  As participants, we were invited to share our thoughts in terms of what we felt each of the roles menat, examples of these roles, and who performs them.  The session inspired us to consider thinking and learning in many different capacities.  There is a need for educators to assume various roles at various points in time depending on the content, needs of learner, situation, context, etc.

I was inspired by Angela’s post on the topic, “Tonight I was a salesperson, a demonstrator, and a coach”.       Her example demonstrates the need for educators to wear multiple hats in various situations.  Thanks Angela.  

A good read can be found at Seven Habits of Highly Connected People by Steven Downes.  I hope to establish an online presence and will take many of these points into consideration such as the importance of listening and respecting the views of others rather than using the web simply to express my own thoughts.  I appreciate the fact the connecting involves effort and that being connected involves as much give as it does take.       



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