A Whole New World cont…

As a new Twitter user, I am beginning to witness, first hand, the advantages of using this tool to collaborate and share with others.  Thanks to a few mentions to my “A Whole New World” post on using Twitter from the perspective of a new user, I had more views on my blog than I have had since creating it at the beginning of our eci831 course.  Thank you to those who passed this along!   

Further Reflections

While experimenting with Twitter on Sunday evening, I came across a link by @gcouros leading me to a Google Docs link .  The document is a joint effort by @courosa and @gcouros to help demonstrate possible uses of Twitter and other forms of social media to educators who are new to these tools.  As I was viewing the document, I witnessed the power of online collaboration happening right before my eyes.  Individuals were responding to the Tweet and were contributing to the document as I was reading it.  I was amazed, and attempted to take a couple of screen shots to highlight the process.

Online Collaboration 1

Online Collaboration 2

After the fact, I really wished I would have done some form of video capture!   

Shortly after viewing the Google Docs account, I noticed another tweet by @gcouros which included a link to a screencast documenting the process he engaged in when creating this document and sharing it in Twitter.  Check it out!  http://screenr.com/nDZ  (Can’t seem to embed it). 

This video came to me at the right time and definitely has me interested in learning more about Twitter and other forms of social networking tools.  I even tried to send out a link to the video but must have been over my character limit.  @gcouros tweeted back and I experimented with the bit.ly website in order to shorten URL’s.  Another nifty tool!

Over the weekend, I installed Tweet Deck.  As I am working on this entry, I can see @fiteach, @byrnesa, and @LisaMLane are conversing on Twitter about their Major Projects and weekly blog posts.  Very cool!  I look forward to reading their posts soon.   Another tweet just in – I see Dr. Couros (@couros) has already sent out a Tweet about @LisaMLane ‘s most recent post.  WOW!  I continue to be amazed!

I have seen some of my classmates capture twitter images in their blogposts.  Not sure how to do that yet, but am open to learning how.

A good read:  “Weak Ties, Twitter, and Revolution” 

The learning continues in my whole new world of Twitter and other forms of social media!


~ by lewisv on November 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “A Whole New World cont…”

  1. Welcome to the Twitterverse!


  2. I had never used Google Docs before this course but I have found it so useful. I haven’t used it in my classroom yet, but its just a matter of time! I watched the @gcouros video you posted… WOW… collaboration at its finest. It makes me want to use it in my classroom tomorrow… maybe the topic will be Remembrance Day 🙂 since that will be our focus for the next two weeks and the students can begin a KWL chart using an open google document…

    As for Twitter, I started with Twitter just before the start of this class on the recommendation of my principal, who took the class in a previous semester. I am also impressed with the possibilities. I look forward to connecting more with you in that platform!

    Thanks for sharing all your learning! It helps the rest of us 🙂

  3. Isn’t it amazing what Twitter can do for you as a learner?! It is hard to believe that it can be such a great learning tool when you are first getting started with it. Welcome to the new world 🙂

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