Young Me, Now Me

In reflecting on our October 26th session on “Open and Networked Learning”, I was intrigued by the Ze Frank link to “Young Me, Now Me“.  It is amazing to see the creativity in the pictures people have uploaded.  In thinking about the amazing quality of posts of my ECI 831 classmates, the content of our weekly discussions, and websites such as Ze Frank’s, I am a believer that technology does not kill creativity!  (If you haven’t done so already, feel free to cast your vote on the poll I created on a previous post, “Is Technology Killing Creativity?”  I welcome your comments as well.).   

In reviewing the pictures on the “Young Me, Now Me” website, I was reminded of some pictures I took of my son when he was young.  I took a couple of pictures to try to see who he looked like…Mom or Dad?  The pictures are a long the same lines as the “Young Me, Now Me” suggestion.  Thought I would share…

Picture of my husband and son at roughly the same age.

Pictures of my mother and me and me and my son at roughly the same age.


~ by lewisv on October 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Young Me, Now Me”

  1. Those are great photos! Thanks for sharing.

    This past summer, we had our family together for the first time in decades – I made them reenact an old family portrait.
    30 Years Later

    It was fun doing it – and this kind of thing (e.g., Ze Frank’s ideas) helps to inspire what we do f2f.

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