Websites of interest

In a recent face-to-face meeting with a colleague, we began discussing web 2.0 tools, how they are changing so rapidly, and it is difficult for teachers to keep up (or even feel capable of getting started).  My collegue shared with me a couple of websites she finds helpful when considering integrating tech tools into the classroom. 

TeachersFirst website – a place to learn about Web 2.0 tools and their potential uses in the classroom. 

Cool Tools for Schools website – lists a number of Web 2.0 tools by category.  

Cool Tools for Schools Website Screenshot


Thought I would share with you…


~ by lewisv on October 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “Websites of interest”

  1. Thanks for the links – not sure I had seen either of those sites.

    Good to see you are also learning about this stuff from f2f meetings with colleagues!

  2. Thanks for these sites. I had a little trouble opening them at first, but I accessed them. I shared them with my own staff… but through email. We have a staff meeting on Monday, I think I might also share them f2f. It seems to work better with those who have some fear of Web 2.0.

    • Awesome. I am glad you found them useful. 🙂 In relation to your problem accessing them, is there something I linked improperly in my blog?

      • I can’t get the links to open at school or at home. I had to search them out in google so I am wondering if there is a problem with the links?

      • Hi Vanessa,
        For the first link, Teachers First, you have an extra http in your link. This probably happened when you pasted your link in – it always gives you the http to start with so if you paste a link in, it often gives it to you twice.

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