Becoming Networked…

As a very new learner in regards to the online learning environment, I am trying to determine how best to navigate around and establish a presence in this digital world.  The video clip listed on our ECI831 course wiki under ‘Media to Get You Thinking’ section for the week of October 5th has been very helpful in considering and exploring possibilities.   

From the video, I acquired a basic understanding of how to begin establishing an online presence and also a general idea of what a networked learning might look like from a student perspective as well as in considering the role of the teacher.  I am trying to follow some of the processes mentioned in the video and am:

*   looking to gain more information on my areas of interest from reliable sources
*  starting a delicious social bookmarking site to store located material
*  reading the blogs of others and trying to process opinions and synthesize information
*  commenting on the blogs of others if I feel I have something to contribute keeping in mind I am trying to provide effective feedback
*  upon Alec’s suggestion, I have set up Google Reader (although I must admit I am not yet using it regularly)
*  I have created the beginnings of my own blog for the purpose of this course.  That being said, doing so is providing me with an idea of how the tool works and I think I will be able to utilize blogs in the future with a more specific work-related focus.

I am still in the beginning stages of exploration, but am enjoying the journey.  I came across this video while searching for information on how to blog.  The title of the video is my new motto in relation to blogging…”Don’t be Afraid to Suck (at first)”.   It is scary and extremely intimidating to put my ideas “out there” for the world to see.  I struggle with what content to focus on, mostly because I am afraid the content and my ideas will not be worthy of a quality post.  This video clip provided me with some great ideas for how to begin establishing an online presence and eased my mind in terms of putting myself out there and being willing to take a risk. If you are new to this, you may find the following video useful too…

– by Brad Gosse @bradgosse and Justin Popovic @justin_popovic


~ by lewisv on October 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Becoming Networked…”

  1. The way to use Google Reader regularly is to establish iGoogle as your home. Then add various widgets to the home page. I have my Delicious bookmarks on the page, and of course Reader. I begin my session running through the list of articles in my feed and reading the ones that catch my attention.

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