I recently subscribed for a Twitter account. I am still in the process of learning how to utilize this tool, but I have sent out a handful of tweets over the last month. One of my tweets was “Heading to a Career Development Conference this afternoon. Looking forward to connecting with colleagues in a face-to-face environment.”. In early October, I had the good fortune of travelling to Elk Ridge Resort with 5 of my Sun West School Division Career Development colleagues to the annual Saskatchewan Career and Work Education Association conference. The theme of this year’s conference was “Re-connect” and emphasized the importance of connecting with colleagues, nature, and ourselves. There were face-to-face networking opportunities on Middle Level Career Education, Career and Work Exploration, Workplace Safety, etc. in addition to personal development and enrichment sessions such as Laughter Yoga, and Boundary Bog Walking Tours. In addition, we were encouraged to go for trail walks, golf, and/or sit and reflect while taking in the beauty of the natural surroundings. I must admit, I did not connect to the internet during the course of my stay. Instead, I concentrated on being ‘in the moment’ and connecting with my colleages (from within my school division and within the province), my environment, and myself.

The face-to-face networking environment is truly the type of environment in which I learn best. That being said, upon returning home, I did get back to my computer and invested some time in registering for an educational Glogster account as mentioned in the “Welcome to My PLE” video post by a Grade 7 Student in the ECI831 Week 4 “Media to Get You Thinking” section. I know the tool is capable of more than I have demonstrated, but see what you think…

(sorry, I can’t seem to embed it in this glogster)

After having experimented with this web 2.0 resource, I can see it as being a valuable tool for Middle Level Career Education classes as students reflect on and showcase their own interests, skills, and abilities. At a recent school division PD event, I shared this resource with my Career Development Teachers and they were excited about its possibilities within their classrooms.
In summary, I think what started as a wonderful face-to-face Career Development networking opportunity combined with some online experimentation (which stemmed from an idea in our r ECI831 class), resulted in continued investigation and sharing which I THINK is the beginning of becoming a networked teacher even if not yet in the truly online sense.


~ by lewisv on October 23, 2010.

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