Learning from a 7th Grader

In reflecting on week 4 of our ECI 831 class, for me, one of the most valuable links under the “Media to Get you Thinking” section was “Welcome to my PLE” by a 7th Grade student who speaks of her learning in terms of her personal learning environment. This seventh grade student visually outlines how she has used various social networking tools such as Symbaloo (visual blog and one stop organizer), Google Docs, Delicious bookmarking tool, Blogs, Hypernote notetaking tool,Glogster(digital poster), Skype, Email, etc. within her Science class to support her learning. A link to her video is below:

This video is an excellent example of the experiences of a networked learner. I think it is important to note that the learning outcomes are what are important, but that technology supports her learning and allows her to explore, investigate, and make connections in a networked world.


~ by lewisv on October 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Learning from a 7th Grader”

  1. After I viewed this, I had and still have, a really hard time believing that it was real! I have a plan to check out Symbaloo to see if it is something to use. While I was watching this I thought about how much time it would take to guide the students to the Web 2.0 tools and then help them with using them. I almost think that it would have to be an like an after school club but think of the possibilities! If I could teach some students to organize their learning like this, they could spread the word. Hmmm, interesting idea… You have inspired me.

  2. Although there could be much to focus on with this video, I am going to focus on organization.

    Organization and Middle Level students…. do those words go together? I am quite amazed by this child and not only her organization, but also her ability to verbalize it. She sounds much older and mature than my own students. For us it’s a daily struggle to fill out our agendas!

    I would love to meet this student’s teacher and spend some time in that classroom. For a student to be able to take what she’s learning and organize it in this way, and be able to talk about it, WOW!

    I am going to show this tomorrow to my grade seven students to see what they think. I am constantly talking about organization and this is a concrete example of a student outlining the ways she organizes things. Will it make a difference, probably not, but it’s one more example of organization.

    Thanks Vanessa!

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