Innovation and Creativity

In viewing the links in our ECI 831 course wiki under the ‘Content That May be Relevant to this Week’s Presentation’ and ‘Media To Get You Thinking’ sections, the common theme is in the power of collaboration made possible through networks and new ways of thinking and doing.  If we are able to get past our notions that it is necessary to hold close our good ideas, patent them, etc., (Where Do Good Ideas Come From?  TED Talk  by Steven Johnson) we could potentially tap into the ideas of others sparking innovation and spurring creativity.    

In addition to our suggested class viewings, I came across a TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson called “Schools Kill Creativity” which is along the same lines but specifically speaks to the notion of the importance of fostering creativity in schools.  In my opinion, Sir Ken Robinson suggests we should nurture creativity in kids and celebrate and support their unique skills and talents.  I think he suggests that kids should be encouraged to experiment and that it is OK for them to be ‘wrong’ once in a while as it is through mistakes and learning that we become more willing to take risks and expand our creativity.  See what you think and feel free to comment…

Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk (I tried to embed this video into my blog – but couldn’t. Any suggestions on this would be helpful as well. 🙂 )

In summary, I believe in the importance of innovation and creativity and that they can be enhanced with sharing and collaboration – all of which can be enabled and supported by today’s technological tools.


~ by lewisv on October 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Innovation and Creativity”

  1. Hi Vanessa,
    In this hosted version of WordPress, you can embed videos by simply pasting the link of the video (not the embed code) in the post. However, TED Talks are not supported in this same way. Luckily, most TED Talks are mirrored in Youtube – so, to embed Sir Ken’s TED Talk, you would just look for it in Youtube, then paste that link.

    I saved you the trouble – here is the Youtube link –

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    I am interested in digging deeper into how schools really kill creativity. Sir Ken Robinson talked about how mistakes are the bane of the educational systems worldwide (whereas if we don’t fail, we do not learn), how subjects in the curriculum follow a hierarchy for academic ability (Maths and languages, followed by humanities, followed by Arts – and in arts, we give dance and drama lower importance) heavily influenced by industrial needs, and, how the system is too focused on academic excellence, ignoring other capabilities.

    There are two aspects to this – has the school system really succeeded in its goal of academic excellence, and two, in this single minded quest, has the school system explicitly not allowed either academic excellence or creativity to actually happen on a large enough scale.

    For example, can there be some analysis on how much time per concept of learning in the formal curricula, on average, does the student spend? Is this amount of time sufficient to be creative? Is it sufficient to really understand the concept?

    Great post! Thanks for the link to Sir Ken Robinson’s TEDTalk.


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